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Responsible Tech

Ethical Explorers—from product managers and designers to engineers and founders—are leaders just like you. They’re not only asking thoughtful questions about responsible tech but are also focused on building solutions that avoid the potential downsides of technology.

But sometimes it can be difficult knowing where to start.

That’s where the Ethical Explorer Pack comes in. Whether you’re launching a new product at a startup or updating software used around the world,
consider this a go-to tool for sparking dialogue, identifying early warning signs, and brainstorming positive solutions.

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Our Guiding Principles

Support Human Values

Support human values

Be intentional about building tech that values fundamental human rights, empowers users, and creates healthy online experiences.

Create a Culture of Questioning

Create a culture of questioning

Recognize, challenge, and question the decisions we make. The more we use our voices, the more we’ll inspire others to do the same.

Ignite Change Through Dialogue

Ignite change through dialogue

Start small, discover common ground, and empower your team to create human-centered technology—one conversation at a time.

Ethical Explorer Pack

What’s Included?
Field Guide

Includes an overview of the Ethical Explorer Pack, activities to get you started, and ideas on building support within your organization.

Tech Risk Zones

The 8 Tech Risk Zone cards—plus one blank card to tailor to your own scenario—help start thoughtful conversations around risk, responsibility, and impact in key areas.

What people are saying

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“As a product leader, I ask myself: 'Will users regret using the product I build? Ten years from now, how will we look back on the human impacts of what we create?' The Ethical Explorer Pack is the perfect set of conversation starters to think through and futureproof the product development process."

– Bo Ren, NY Head of Ecosystem & Assistant GM, Samsung NEXT

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"Ethical Explorer is an indispensable—and engaging!—tool to practice the skills of stretching one's ethical imagination and building moral muscle memory."

– Yoav Schlesinger, Principal, Ethical AI, Salesforce

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“Everyone has a different definition of what is good. I like the idea that people can bring their own definition, while using the Ethical Explorer Pack as a framework.”

– Puppet Mills, Senior Quality Engineer, Dropbox

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Thank You

Ethical Explorer was shaped by input from trusted partners, the community we’re serving, and dozens of subject matter experts. With gratitude to all of our contributors for helping make the content what it is today.


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